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Botox Dentist in Park Ridge, IL

Count on our professional staff for the latest treatments and procedures in cosmetic dentistry. At Major Dental Clinics of Chicago, we use Botox™ for more than just aesthetic purposes—we use it to treat a wide range of nerve and muscle conditions in the face and jaw. Consult with our botox dentist in Park Ridge, Illinois, to see how this treatment can benefit you.
With more than five decades in business, our dental office employs the most caring and effective botox dentists in the area. We take the time to get to know your specific needs and determine if Botox is the best treatment option for you. As with all our other cosmetic dental services, we use advanced techniques and a gentle hand to ensure you are comfortable and get the best results possible.

Dentist and Dental Assistant - Botox Dentist Park Ridge IL

Schedule a Consultation with Our Professional Botox Specialists

Whether you want to get rid of deep aging lines or help sooth your TMJ, our cosmetic Botox dentists can help. When you set up a consultation, we meet with you to gather relevant information about your medical history and why your think Botox might be a good option for you. We then give you details about the procedure as well as any resources you need to help you make your final decision. If other, more effective treatments are available for your individual needs, our staff lets you know the costs and benefits of those options as well. This allows you to make a more informed decision so you can be positive that you are choosing the right treatment for you.

Reduce the Signs of Aging with Cosmetic Botox

As people get older, the muscles in their faces weaken and their skin becomes less elastic. This can lead to a variety of aesthetic imperfections such as deep wrinkles, upside-down smiles, puckered chins, and gummy smiles. However, with our Botox treatment, you can help reverse these imperfections and even retrain your face muscles to prevent them from recurring.

Botox Treatment for Nerve and Muscle Conditions

Get relief from pain and tension in your face, head, and neck by visiting our Botox specialist. Botox is used to help relax the muscles, which helps soothe the symptoms of TMJ, migraines, and muscle spasms. Ask our dentists if Botox is a suitable alternative to surgery or regular medication. If it is, you can save time, money, and pain by taking advantage of this treatment option.

Contact us today to learn more about our Botox services. We proudly service patients in Park Ridge, Rosemont, Morton Grove, Mt. Prospect, and Bensenville, Illinois.