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Dental Extractions in Park Ridge, IL

Count on the dentists at Major Dental Clinics of Chicago to provide the right solutions when you have tooth decay or other dental problems. We provide a wide range of family dentistry services intended to give you the healthy teeth you deserve and prevent future problems. While having teeth pulled scares some patients, we strive to provide dental extractions in Park Ridge, Illinois, that are quick and as painless as possible.

We have been in business for more than 50 years, which has given us the time to perfect our tooth removal techniques. Extractions are not suggested for all cases of infection, but can be a better solution than fillings in some situations. Even wisdom teeth removal may not be needed in all cases. When you visit our dentists, we go over your options with you, letting you know the benefits of each as well as how effective each will be in your individual circumstance.

Reasons to Use Our Tooth Removal Services

Know when you need your teeth pulled and when there are other options available. For patients that come in with chronic toothaches or cavities, extractions may not be needed. However, if the damage is deep enough, you can count on the expertise of our dentists to let you know when it is absolutely necessary.
In cases of an overcrowded mouth when the teeth are too large or too numerous, dental extractions can be very helpful. This is especially the case when preparing for braces or if there are impacted teeth due to lack of space to emerge through the gum. Another reason to consider removing one or more teeth is if there is severe tooth decay. If bacteria reach the center of the tooth it can create an infection that puts the rest of your body at risk.

Looking Over X-Rays - Dental Extractions Park Ridge IL

Caring and Professional Wisdom Teeth Removal

Trust our experienced oral surgeon for gentle and professional solutions when you need wisdom teeth extraction services. Wisdom teeth don't always need to be removed, especially if there is room in the mouth to fit them. However, if the teeth become infected or start affecting other teeth and your overall health, it's time to visit our extraction experts. If our dentists identify any hazards with keeping your wisdom teeth, they ensure swift and precise extraction procedures so there is less pain overall and a shorter recovery time.

Contact us today to learn more about our dental extractions. We proudly service patients in Park Ridge, Rosemont, Morton Grove, Mt. Prospect, and Bensenville, Illinois.